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Do you wonder if you are doing all you can to protect your kids online? Does all the "easy" parental control set-up just lead to more confusion? Does your family struggle with "tech" issues?

The Tech-Ready Family - the latest offering from Family Policy Foundation and Protect Young Eyes - is available now!

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Parents, Do You Need Help with Technology?

Does your family struggle with "tech" issues? Do you wonder if you are doing all you can to protect your kids online? Does all the "easy" parental control set-up just leave you more confused? Is there a way to limit screen time without a fight?

The online world is simply enormous and it moves lightning fast.

Parents need help knowing as much as they can about how their kids access and use the online world. Acting today can also give your kids a leg up on how to safely and securely utilize technology well when they are adults.

That is why Family Policy Foundation launched The Tech-Ready Family. Read more below to learn more about why you need The Tech-Ready Family in your arsenal of parenting tools.

Parents Want to Know...

How do I control screen time?

Perhaps one of the most challenging things is setting appropriate limits on the amount of screen time. The Tech-Ready Family will help you and your family approach screen time reasonably, respectfully and responsibly.

How do I access parental controls?

Parental controls - whether for devices, program or apps can be a challenge. The Tech-Ready Family will help you to know what works, what does not, and how to stay on top of ever-changing device and app settings.

How do I know if my child has been exposed to (or is looking at) online porn?

This is perhaps one of the most terrifying questions we have to ask ourselves as parents. The Tech-Ready Family walks through how to handle this issue and monitoring what is one of the most difficult challenges we face.

What are the dangers of social media?

At some point in their lives, children become adults and training them to be safe and smart online is key to helping them navigate the online world now and then. The Tech-Ready Family will help you form your children for responsible and safe use of the internet.

Are there any safe apps that my kids can use?

Yes, there are and The Tech-Ready Family will help you to identify them and to also know which ones to avoid.

Should I supervise my children when they are online at home?

The Tech-Ready Family addresses this and help you know how best to keep your kids safe and monitor what they are doing online.

Get the answers to these and many more questions in The Tech-Ready family.

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The Tech-Ready Family Covers the Topics Parents Need

In 30 Days - Any Family Can Do This!

We have talked to parents and heard what they need to help with tech in their homes. The Tech-Ready Family will provide clear, concise and actionable guidance so they know their kids are safe and smart when they are online.

Here Is What Is Included!

Section 1: Model Right Behaviors
(Core Value 1)

  • Reflect & Change Your Ways.
  • Do Tech Together. Often.
  • Parent-Led Ownership.
  • Make a Plan. Stick with It!

Section 2: Pursue Authentic Connection
(Core Value 2)

  • Build Digital Trust
  • Talk about horrible things.
  • Be curious and not condemning.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Section 3: Delay Addictive Tech-Here’s Why!
(Core Value 3)

  • Their Brain is Fabulous & Fragile.
  • The 4 Phases of “Self.” 
  • Brain Against the Game. 
  • A Neurochemical Beast.

Section 4: Diligently Prevent Harm
(Core Value 4)

  • Hug your Router.
  • Like a Hug. Not a Hammer.
  • Avoid the Toxic Trio.
  • App Controls Stink. Use Them Anyway.

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Course Materials
PLUS Extra Credit PLUS Bonus Material


Course Materials
  • Sixteen lessons in four different modules 
  • Interactive resources you can use at home
  • Quizzes to check your progress and implementation
  • Lifetime on-demand access to course and materials

4 Sections

4 Video Lessons Each


Extra Credit
  • Extra videos about childhood and its precious nature
  • Preventing tech from changing your child's development
  • Must-have emergency guides for sensitive topics like pornography, sexting and exploitation
  • Premium Downloads to guide you in safe phone & social media setup

3 New videos

Help You Need


Bonus Material
  • Get even more help dealing with other popular kids' platforms 
  • Rein in YouTube
  • Roblox Deep Dive into this Platform
  • Chromebook Controls
  • Sextortion: Prevention and Response
  • Live Periodic Online Q&A Sessions

Expanded Topics

Valuable Resources

The Tech-Ready Family is made for YOU!

Together, Family Policy Foundation and Protect Young Eyes have teamed up to offer to families the absolute best training to deal with the ever-evolving issue of technology in the hands of our kids.

It's a big deal and this course will give you all you ever wanted - and more - as you and your family work to "tame the tech" in 30 days or less!

Protect Young Eyes founder Chris McKenna consults with billion-dollar companies and congressional leadership, but more than anything, just wants your family to be healthy online. After performing over 800 presentations to parents, students, and leaders, Chris will teach you everyday tools, words, and practices that prevent digital harm, prepare your family for digital spaces, and help you respond well when it occurs. Unlock your digital parenting and grand-parenting superpowers in 30 days! Guaranteed.

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